Each year, students globally swear the same mantra. "I'll do things different this time around. I'll be on top of things by color coding all my lecture notes, as well as refrain from last minute preparation." Truth be told, this rarely happens. Here is a guide on caffeine powered cramming in the eleventh hour, now that you loathe looking at the calendar again. 

Keep Panic at Bay 

This is perhaps the most imperative thing, if you are to realize a good Punjabteched result from www.indiaresultup.in/ignou-date-sheet. In spite of exams being an integral part of the education curve, running around like a headless chicken never helped anyone. Maintain your cool, and you'll be well on your way to realizing success. 

Create a Plan 

Now that there is no time to go through all the notes, pinpoint a couple of areas and tick them off a list. Though getting 100% might not be possible, you won't be so off the mark considering you will have an idea regarding every topic. 

Time Management 

Your work from http://indiaresultup.in/bput-results-exam-schedule/ is now broken up into manageable pieces, it is time to do the same with your time. Prefer working in 30 minute blocks, followed by a five minute break. Should there be a tricky topic, allocating extra time would be a good idea. 

Get a Suitable Area to Study 

Your kitchen table or desk, a cafe, the library - visit a place that best works for you, and be ready to remain there. Refrain from staying near the bed area as this will increase the chances of unplanned napping. 

Be Prepared 

Gather your resources - notes, paper, water bottle, etc. No need to fret if your favorite pen is inaccessible; this is crunch time. It's time to hit the ground running, even if it means making do with your yellow highlighter. 

Avoid Distractions 

Do all it takes to attain full concentration. Turn your WiFi off. Leave your cell phone in another room. Make a list that will help you browse the web later for information you need to crosscheck. In a nutshell, put away anything that lessens your concentration span. View this website at http://blogging.wikia.com/wiki/Blogging_Wikia for more details about blogging. 

Say No to Frustration, And a Big Yes to Prioritizing 

No need to get stressed if you get stuck. As mentioned earlier, stress will only make things worse. Making a note, so that you can go back to that area later is advised. 


Not only does your brain need food to function, but to learn as well. Something quick and substantial (baked beans, cheese on toast, pot noodle) is needed, if you will be staying up for the better part of the night. 


Here we are. You're now enlightened on last minute exam preparation tips. However, do not leave things to the dying minutes ever again.